Skills Development

We strive to help our students develop the following skills

Collaboration and Communication

Students learn how to exchange ideas, express opinions and find common ground while working in groups.

Problem- solving and critical thinking

Students are asked to technology in order to solve small problems that are directly related to their everyday lives. Students can learn to combine different elements and evaluate solutions.

Curiosity and creativity

By building their own projects (eg their own robotic recycling bin), students explore how their ideas can be implemented while learning to find creative and original solutions.

Confidence and courage

Students respond to their own 'why' and 'how' through activities, exploring the natural world as well as the world of coding in their own way and at their own pace.

Spiral & Personalized Learning

At Ampersand Makerspace we have created our own specially designed curriculum that follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education (Technology, Science, Mathematics) and is tailored to each student's prior knowledge. In this way, students approach different subjects at regular intervals, gradually increasing the level of approach to the subject.

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