Workshop duration: 90 minutes once a week

Ages: 5-12 years old

In a Robotics and STEM lesson, students build and program robotic models to follow instructions and carry out missions. The lessons also include simple experiments and crafts that help students explore various science concepts.

During the engineering part of each lesson, students build robots. They explore ways of spreading motion across different axes and learn the role of different gears and their ratios.

During the coding part, students learn basic coding concepts such as loops, conditions, and variables using different pseudo-language environments such as scratch, tinker, edware and LEGO software.

Students may, if they wish, participate in robotics competitions or festivals. In that way, they develop their communication skills and exchange ideas with other teams.

During the STEM part, students experiment with simple materials, use measuring instruments, create detailed designs of their inventions, test and improve them. They learn to think creatively and in an original way.

STEM and Robotics are intertwined through common science concepts and complement each other as part of Ampersand’s unique curriculum.

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